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Latest Release: MONSTER

With this new release I really wanted to harness the power of the raw production and dive into some darker lyrics. The desolate sound of the guitar mixed with the aggressive rhythm of the pre-chorus & chorus gave me freedom to play with the tone of my voice to provide the song with a haunting memorable vocal track. Co-written with Sugarwulf and produced/recorded at Dream House Studios on Vancouver Island, my new track MONSTER hits your senses in all the right spots.

The visuals for the song are done by Raymond Knight who directed the music video as well as the visual aesthetic to the release. The music video is a battle between a strong space heroine travelling through space and a dark queen with a thirst for power. The entire video was shot on a green screen making it my most impactful and VFX heavy music video yet.

MONSTER is now available on all platforms!

"You could be anything you want but you decided to be a MONSTER to me."

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My Story

Born in beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada, Tiki Way is a versatile artist who has crafted a unique and captivating journey through the realms of music, performance, and production. With a passion for creativity ignited from an early age, Tiki's life has been a symphony of artistic exploration and boundless expression.

As Tiki Way, the artist delved into the enchanting realm of music composition, seamlessly blending various influences to create a sound that is unmistakably their own. Each lyric and melody composed reflects Tiki's eclectic experiences and is a testament to their devotion to authenticity.

As an independent artist, Tiki Way's remarkable journey has been supported by an exceptional team of artists who have graciously contributed their amazing talents to the Tiki Way experience. With their combined efforts, they have created an artistic synergy that transcends boundaries.

Recent Releases
Pink Liquid
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Brand Identity
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Tiki journeyed through constellations, composing melodies that resonated across galaxies.

Stars twinkled to her rhythm, planets swirled in elegant choreography, and nebulae sang along, creating a cosmic masterpiece.

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